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Richard Mille RM 004 Automatic Models Detachable Automatic Disk

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  • Tuesday 19 July 2016 Richard Mille RM 004

  • RM 004 wristwatch in beating new RM1 movement, representing a major step forward chain automatic Richard Mille Replica design.

    richard mille RM 004 replica

    By a small rotating disk to achieve automatic self-winding watch, with the wearer's body movement to complete the chain unconsciously. automatic" Rotating disk to power the barrel, once fully wound, the will to achieve the best point. Beyond this optimum point, there is likely to occur over the Chain therefore need to be avoided. This is traditionally by using a sliding flange so that the spring trip to achieve, thereby preventing movement occurred - Chain degrees. However, such a conventional system to cause harmful accumulation in the barrel, this is because the flange will release over the long-term excess energy chain The amount of intense activity when the wearer especially when. This in turn will seriously affect the timing effect. In order to avoid this undesirable situation, Richard Mille took four years to develop and design an automatic disassembly automatic disk. When spring is fully wound When the barrel is automatically out of the automatic winding mechanism of the disc. This new mechanism is connected with the power reserve display, to provide optimum chain control. This makes the movement and the oscillator in the best constant torque / power ratio of the work, so as to provide the best timing performance. Removable automatic plate works as follows: When the power reserve reaches 50 hours, the disc will automatically by means of a special system for automatic gear Disengaged. Thus, it is no longer automatic plate chain is on the barrel. Conversely, when the power reserve dropped to 40 hours, automatic disk will automatically catch together, promote So watch winding start until the power reserve display value reached 50 hours so far. These states can be viewed, particularly by at 12 Wind indicator position for viewing, allowing users to know at any time from the disc automatically (idle) / close (on chain) state. Removable automatic plate is a major technical innovation of Richard Mille, the concept and design represents a technical challenge unimaginable. RM 004 (50mm x 42.70mm x 13.95 mm) of Richard Mille Replica Watches shell having an automatic plate loading variable geometry, which is the main characteristic of hair Article can regulate the function of the chain according to the wearer's movement (intense) level (either motion or motion). Ceramic ball bearings, double) Barrel system can bring about the desired torque stability. Floor, plywood and balance cock in grade 5 titanium and Titalyt & reg; treatment process, thus For best overall firmness and surface roughness, which is the perfect gear to achieve the basic operation. Baseplate and all titanium parts have been) Independent extensive validation tests to ensure optimum strength requirements.

  • Richard Mille RM 004 Automatic Models Detachable Automatic Disk

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